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Moving Tips From Black Label Moving Co.

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Professional movers can help you with packing and moving tips when you begin planning your long or short move. Black Label Moving Co. has years of experience in moving families, including yours, through every scenario. Here are some answers from the pros over at Black Label Moving Co:

1. Do Not Procrastinate

Don't procrastinate. Although this seems straightforward, it can be hard to get started. Start packing several boxes per day a few weeks before your move.

Start with the items that you don't use every day. You will become more organized if you take your time and don't rush the task. Don't wait to start packing.

2. One Room At A Time

It's easier to pack by room. It is easier to focus on one room at a given time. Don't put items from multiple rooms into one box. All the boxes should be packed and left in the right place.

Wrap small items and knickknacks in brightly-colored tissue paper/zip-top bags to prevent them from getting lost or being mistakenly thrown away with the packing papers.

3. Labelling

Label clearly. This will make it easier for movers to locate the boxes at your new house.

Write a description of the contents on the box's top and sides, along with the room name. You can use different colors for each room to give you and your movers more clarity.

4. Valuables & Personal Items

You should pack all your important papers, jewelry, and documents. All items that you want to bring with you should be placed to the side.

You can keep your medication and cable boxes as well as any personal items that you need to be able to access once you move into your new home.

Assume you are going on a weekend getaway and pack your essentials. It will be easier to locate essential items within the first few days of your move.

5. Fragile Items

Bubble wrap and paper can be used to protect fragile items. You should not leave any spaces in the box. To do this, you can use paper to fill in the gaps. Last but not least, label the box "fragile" so that the movers can handle it accordingly.

6. Use Packing Paper

Keep your hands clean. Regular newspapers can bleed ink onto your possessions. Wrap all items in white packing paper.

7. Move Boxes With You

Use moving boxes. You should not buy boxes from liquor or grocery stores. They may not be as clean as you need and not be strong enough to hold the weight of your items. Additionally, different sizes of boxes can make loading difficult.

8. Protection For Moving

Always place breakables on a padded surface when packing. When packing boxes, do not tip mixers over on their sides. The mixer's lubricating oil will leak out. For books, use small boxes. They can become very heavy very quickly.

9. Parking

You should ensure that you have enough parking space for your movers so they can park as close as possible to your home. You might consider getting a parking permit from the City for big cities like Tampa, St Petersburg, or Clearwater. This will reduce the time it takes to move.

10. Get A Day Off

Make sure that you are there 100% on your move day. This will allow you to see how things are going and let your movers know what you would like.

Black Label Moving Co. is your premier trusted source for movers specializing in local and long-distance moves, senior transition, corporate relocation, deliveries, junk removal, and hauling.

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